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AsiaRhanterium Epapposum Flower

National Flower of Kuwait | Rhanterium Epapposum Flower of Kuwait

Biological Name

The biological name of this flower is Rhanterum epapposum.


The flowers are bright yellow in color.


The petals of these flowers are complicated and the flowers are a few cm wide.


Rhanterum epapposum is native to the Arabian regions of Qatar, Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia.

National Flower of Kuwait

The national flower of Kuwait is Rhanterum epapposum.

Rhanterium epapposum

Rhanterum epapposum Information

The plant produces leaves very quickly after rainfall. This happens during the colder seasons. It takes the branches a few months to become vigorous. The flowers are bright yellow in color and they are showy to attract the insects and birds for pollination. The leaves fall from the branches during the summer season. Lignin starts to form in the plant and branches are naked during the season.

When stress conditions prevail, the plant undergoes some alterations. These are important for the survival of the plant. Reserve food along with water is stored in the stem of the plant. During stress conditions, dormant buds form, and once normal conditions prevail, the food moves to these buds and they grow again.

Rhanterum epapposum Facts and Uses

  • The flower is called Arfaj in the local language.
  • It produces a lot of fruits during the spring seasons and these fruits fall off the branches after they have matured.
  • The dormant buds remain attached to the plant in unfavorable conditions.
  • After the conditions are suitable for growth, this budgets the reserve food from the stem and continues growth.
  • Every fruit of this plant has about 6 to 8 seeds and these seeds are dispersed by wind.
  • Sometimes, the seeds are also dispersed by water.

Rhanterum epapposum Medicine Uses

Some oils are extracted from this plant in Saudi Arabia.

Rhanterum epapposum Flower art

The flower does not serve much ornamental purpose.


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