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Extraction 2

English movie is a best movie extracation 2 this movie is very famous in Bollywood this movie is based on ghost life.

Hindi movie Ghost and womens out life of life his movie seeti those work and life of a ghost this movie like Hollywood movie Ghost Rider is a very famous movie in your time but phone both you see a lot of competitions and action scenes easy in funny scenes and suspenseful story.

this movie is based to main characters is a very person and he study the business to curve the ghost and he telephone to get the post where are you you go first and watch this movie. and this movie is a lot of comedy scenes movie songs is very famous Hindi movie songs and some different views in this movie is movies very famous.

because this movie playing it was character very perfectly and if we attach any famous and it is movie you see very famous and overhead in this movie provide wise you go first and book ticket is movie and his movie and see a lot of comedy scene and action scenes.

this movie is based on ghost life what is a ghost life and how to help for a ghost.in this movie you see ghost need help so the two persons go and helpful Ghost and he get the money and he Monday.

he got the same and he got the rich man so that’s why this business is different and he had the money very big amount because this course not see anyone and he go and get the money and he send phone persons widev movie and see this allowed of comedy scenes and enjoy this movie.

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