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National Flower of Indonesia | Arabian Jasmine Floral of Indonesia

Biological Name The biological name of these flowers is Jasminum sambac, Rafflesia arnoldii, and Phalaenopsis amabilis.
Color The color of Jasmine flowers and Phalaenopsis flowers is white while the color of the Rafflesia flower is mushroom-red.
Petals All three flowers have different petals. The Rafflesia is a unique plant with five petals and no leaves or stem. The Jasmine flower has stacked or single-layered petals while the Phalaenopsis plant has three to four petals.
Origin All the flowers are native to Indonesia, with the Rafflesia only growing in a certain part of the country. It is protected under the botanical regulations of the country.

National Flower of Indonesia

There are three national flowers of Indonesia, namely Arabian Jasmine, Moth Orchid, and Stinking Corpse Lily.National Flower of Indonesia Jasmine

Jasmine Flower Information

The stinking corpse lily is called Padma Raksasa by the locals due to the large size of this flower. The flowers are so large that they can be 100 cm in diameter. The weight of a flower can be up to 10kg. This is why the flower is called Padma Raksasa in the local language. It translates to Giant Flower in English. The flower only grows in its natural habitat which is why it is only present in the Bengkulu province of the country.

Moth Orchid is an epiphyte, growing on the trunks of other trees and plants. It is chosen as the floral emblem of the country because of its simple white color. While other orchids are normally brightly colored, this one is plain white.

Arabian Jasmine is very easy to grow and you can even grow it in your own front garden. The flower is extensively grown in Indonesia and other parts of the world.

Jasmine Flowers Facts and Uses

  • The jasmine flower had a very soothing scent which is why it is used to provide a calmness to the body.
  • It helps to reduce stress.

Jasmine Flowers Medicine Uses

Jasmine is used to relieving stress.

Jasmine Flowers Art

The flower used for ornamental purposes among the three is Jasmine.

Jasmine Flowers Art


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