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National Flower of Kazakhstan | Lily Flower of Kazakhstan

Biological Name

The Genus of this flower is biologically named Lilium


The flowers range in color from shades of white, pink, red, purple, and orange.


The flower has six tepals and these are free from each other. At the base of each tepal, a single nectary is present. The petals form the shape of a Turk cap.


The flowers are native to temperate regions of the Northern Hemisphere.

National Flower of Kazakhstan

Tulips are very popular in the country but as far as the national flower is considered, the Lily is the unofficial floral emblem of the country.

National Flower of Kazakhstan Lily

Lily Information

In the Old World, lilies are present across much of Asia and Europe. The flowers are present in Japan, India, and Asia. Towards the east, the flowers are found in the Philippines. As far as the New world is concerned, the flowers are present in the Canadian regions as well as in the US.

Lilies thrive well in woodlands and in grasslands. Some of the species also survive well in marshlands. In the marshlands, they grow as epiphytes. This means that they grow on other plants. For the cultivation of lilies, lime-free soils are preferred. This flower thrives well in soils that are slightly acidic.

Lilies Facts and Uses

  • Gardeners plant lilies as bulbs during the dormant season. They require loamy soil with good drainage.
  • In the northern hemisphere, the plants have to face south and must be grown on a slight slope.

Lilies Medicine Uses

Lilies have a lot of medicinal uses. They are helpful for breaking down kidney stones. They also play a role in preventing the retention of water in the body. In cases of paralysis or speech loss, lily is used to make the essential oils for an herbal treatment.

Lilies Flower Art

Lily is also grown as an ornamental flower because of its various colors.

Lilies Flower Art


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