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Secret invasion season

secret invasion season is one of the best and popular season in english because in this movie a lot of famous actor perform.

you can see in this movie a lot of VFX best quality result some people want this movie in ATP result and some people want this movie 720p result but one of the best result in all over the quality is 1080p because 1080p easily people in his smartphone also big monitor.

so the actor is very good you can see in this movie perform villain roll Saif Khan is one of the famous and most popular actress in Bollywood industry.
he perform a lot of movies industries and he provide a lot of famous and best hit movies in previous Bollywood movies budget the director say the movie makes millions of dollar.

I will tell also there actor salary the main actor in this movie secert invasion also the actor make baahubali types movies so you can easily judge that is very famous and popular.

because his previous movies also very hit so that’s why the character charge a lot of money from the director the rumours and leaves says the actor salary.
in this movie 9 million also the actress salary in this movie 3 million dollar because the difference is very use in both side the actor is very famous as compared to actress so that’s why the gap on the salary is very huge.

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