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National Flower of Laos | Red Frangipani Flower of Laos

Biological Name

The biological name for this flower is Plumeria Rubra.


The color of these flowers ranges from pink to white and yellow. These are produced during the fall and summer seasons.


The petals are initially tubular before they open. Once they open, they spread and have a significant diameter.


The flower is native to Central America and Mexico. Some species are also found in Colombia.

National Flower of Laos

The National flower of Laos is the Plumeria Rubra/Red frangipani.

Red frangipani

Red Frangipani Information

The plant grows as a shrub. It can also be considered a small tree as it grows up to a height of 5 to 25 feet. The width of this plant is also 2 to 8 meters. The trunk is succulent and the branches seem like sausages. These branches are covered with a bark that is grey in color and thin in width. The branches of this plant are brittle and release a white latex material when they break.

This substance can irritate the skin. Red Frangipanihas green leaves that are quite large in size ranging unto 50 cm. They are deciduous and they fall during the winter months. The plant flowers during the summer season and flowers appear at the terminals of the branches. Rach flower has five petals and gives off a fragrance.

Plumeria Rubra Facts and Uses

  • The flowers also produce seeds sometimes and these are winged in nature.
  • They are present in a pod and are 20 to 60 in number.
  • Hybrids of this flower have been produced. One of these hybrids is not deciduous and it has rounded leaves.

Plumeria Rubra Medicine Uses

The flower acts as a laxative and purgative. It is also effective in the treatment of Gonorrhoea.

Plumeria Rubra Flower Art

These flowers are great for ornamental purposes and you can find the Singapore cultivar growing all around Hawaii.

Plumeria Rubra Flower Art


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