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Tudor Rose: The National Flower of England

Tudor Rose: The National Flower of England:

Great Britain or England has this long history of royal families who have ruled over the country during the different eras. There have been many dominating cultures which makes it all quite complex. The Tudor family was one of the royal families who is known for uniting the two of great families in England including the House of Lancaster and the House of York. These two families have two different roses as their emblems and combination of them was named Tudor Rose: The National Flower of England.

tudor rose

A national emblem or symbol is the representative of the complex history and culture of a society. This interesting history behind Tudor Rose makes it one of the most important symbols of the culture of England.

Tudor Rose: The National Flower of England Facts:

We already told you some points behind the origin of those rose. There are some other interesting facts which you needed to know. These facts are also related to the great history of England which is all based on royal families who always had competition among themselves to become the top ruling elite. The two of those families were the House Lancaster and the House of York.

These two houses had an intense rivalry between them. However, this rivalry finally saw an end when Henry and Elizabeth from the families of Lancaster and York married and all the grudges were forgotten and English saw a massive union in its history. Since both families had different colors of roses as their emblems such as the red and white, that is why the Tudor Rose is also the combination of these two colors, unlike the American National flower Rose which is all Red.

So these were the major facts which became the reason for Tudor Rose being the national flower of England. Now, during the different sports events and many other events all across the country, this symbol is used as something which represents the national pride and history of England.

We come with so many interesting facts about the national flowers of different countries to make sure that you stay tuned to our site.


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