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Maple Leaf: The National Flower of Canada

If we talk about one of the happier countries in the world which have everything for its people, Canada is one of them. Just like the general tradition of this planet, Canada also has its own national symbols which represent the country at different stages. Today in our category of National Flowers, we are going to tell you about Maple Leaf which is the national flower of Canada. This symbol is a part of their flag, a representative of their culture and values, and has much importance in the lives of Canadian People.

Maple Leaf: The National Flower of Canada History:

Maple Leaf’s use as the national flower of Canada has a nice history behind it. This goes back to the rule of French Canadians in the 19th century. These French Canadians used to have this symbol and they carried it everywhere. However, there were many other symbols as well and among those symbols, only the Maple Leaf was prominent enough to deserve the title. It was called as the King of the Forest by one of the representatives. However, it was in 1996 when the use of this symbol as the national flower was made official.

maple leaf symbolism

Maple Leaf: The National Flower of Canada Facts:

We could go into details but in order to state facts, we are going to mention some important ones for you:

  1. Maple Leaf is the National Flower of Canada which is also used as the emblem for the Coat of Arms of Ontario.
  2. Also, being the national symbol, it is the emblem printed on the flag of Canada.
  3. The National Anthem of Canada is ‘The Maple Leaf Forever’ which was composed earlier in the 20th century and was later made official.
  4. During the First World War, this was also the emblem used by the Canadian forces.
  5. This was also printed on the first currency coin printed in Canada.

So these were some of the top Maple Leaf Facts which you needed to know about. In order to know more about national flowers, keep visiting our website.


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