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National Flower of Singapore | Singapore Orchid Flower of Singapore

Biological Name:

The biological name of this flower is Vanda Miss Joaquim.


The flower has alternating colors i.e. light and dark shades of pink.


The petals of this flower are quite queer in shape and color. They are alternately colored in light and dark shades of pink.


The flowers are found in Singapore and are also sometimes referred to as Singapore orchids.

National Flower of Singapore:

The Singapore Orchid is the national flower of Singapore.

Singapore Orchid Information:

Among the 50 flowers of which one national flower had to be chosen, 30 were orchids. From them, this flower was chosen because of its features. It is resilient and a hybrid cultivar. It was chosen to represent the country in 1981. The reason behind this choice was the fact that this flower is unique just like the country itself and it is also year-round blooming which shows resilience to all conditions like the citizens of the country.

National Flower of Singapore

Singapore Orchid Facts and Uses:

  • The plant is a flowering one and it has an inflorescence on which 12 buds are present at a time. Normally, only four flowers grow at a time.
  • There are two petals and two sepals on the top that are rosy violet in color.
  • The petals on the lateral size are mauve in color.
  • The flower needs a lot of sun and fertilizer to grow up straight and tall.
  • The stem of the flower grows up to 50 cm.

Singapore orchid Medicine Uses:

Many species of orchids are used for herbal medicine in China. They are used for therapeutic purposes.

Singapore Orchid Flower Art:

The flowers can be used for art as they are quite unique in nature. They are hybrid flowers which means that they are a combination of two different flowers.


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