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National Flower of Uzbekistan | Cotton Flower of Uzbekistan

national flower of UzbekistanBiological Name

The biological name of this crop is Gossypium.


The balls are white in color.


The petals are yellow and papery in nature.


The earliest traces have been found from the Indus Valley Civilization.

National Flower of Uzbekistan:

Uzbekistan does not have a floral emblem. Instead, cotton represents the plants in the country.

Cotton Information:

Cotton is a staple that grows in a boll which is a protective covering around the cotton seeds. It is fibrous in nature and is pure cellulose. When natural conditions prevail, the bolls result in increased seed dispersal. It is a shrub that is found in regions of Africa, Egypt, America, and India. The largest number of cotton species is found in Mexico and the second largest in Australia. Cotton was grown in the New Worlds as well as the Old Ones.

Fiber from this plant is used in making textile. It is very breathable and the use of this fabric dates back to the fifth millennium BC. Fragments of this fabric were found in the Indus Valley Civilization remains. Genetically modified cotton strains have been produced that show resistance to insects. This ensures large production of cotton as the plant is susceptible to attack by insect species.

Cotton Facts and Uses:

Organic cotton is produced without adding any fertilizers or pesticides to enhance biodiversity.

Harvesting is done mechanically as a machine is used to take out the cotton bolls without harming the plant itself.

Yarn that is used for crochet and knitting is also formed from cotton.

Cotton medicine uses:

Cotton is used for the treatment of dysentery, headaches, and fever. Women also use it during menstrual cycles and to expel afterbirth.

cotton flower medicines

Cotton Flower Art:

Cotton is grown for its use in the textile industry. It is not an ornamental flower.

cotton flower art



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