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National Flower of Israel | Cyclamen

Biological Name The biological name of this flower is Cyclamen persicum.
Color The flowers may be white, purple, or pink in color.
Petals The petals have a nose of a darker shade. In some species, the nose is curved and forms an auricle. In other species, no such structure is present.
Origin The flower is native to the Mediterranean Basin. It is also found in parts of Europe and a single species is also native to Somalia.

National Flower of Israel

Cyclamen is the national flower of Israel.

National Flower of Israel Cyclamen

Cyclamen Information

The leaves of this National flower are quite interesting since the upper side of these leaves is indifferent even in the same species. The leaves are green and silver and are mostly variegated. Sometimes, the shades of these colors are present as irregular and random blotches and at other times, these form the shape of a Christmas tree. Other than Cyclamen persicum, other species are grown for their interesting leaves.

The lower side of these leaves has a shiny appearance and the color can vary. In some species, the color of the underside is green while in others it may be purple or even red. The origin of most species is from the Mediterranean regions.

In these regions, hot summers are prevalent and the winters are wetter. The leaves of Cyclamens come out during the fall season and they start to wither in spring. The species that grow in cooler regions have leaves that wither after the leaves for the year have developed, regardless of the season.

Cyclamen Facts and Uses

  • The flowers of this plant have no blooming season and may bloom at any time.
  • The flowers each have five petals and 5 sepals. They are joined at the base to form a cup.

Cyclamen Medicine Uses

The rootstock of the plant is used in homeopathic medicine.

Cyclamen Flower Art

The leaf patterns of the plant make it an interesting ornamental flower.

Cyclamen Flower Art


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