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National Flower of Bangladesh | Shapla Flower of Bangladesh

Shapla National Flower of Bangladesh flag

Biological Name:

The biological name of this flower is Nymphaea shapla.


The plant has very pretty violet flowers. The edges of these flowers are red in color. White, mauve, and fuchsia-colored petals are also seen.


Waterlily has about 13 to 15 petals. There are also four to five sepals. The petals are slightly angular which is why they appear star0shaped when viewed from above.

National Flower of Bangladesh:

The waterlily is the national flower of Bangladesh. Two species of flower are most common in the country.


The plant is native to Southeast Asia, Taiwan, and Australia.

Water Lily Information:

Waterlily is a nonviviparous plant. Its roots and stems are submerged in water. Some of the leaves are submerged while the others are above the surface. The upper part of the leaves is green in color while the lower part is darker. The flower is a symbol of purity and virtue. There are many instances of the flower being mentioned in Sanskrit literature.

Water Lily Facts and Uses:

  • Waterlily is an ornamental flower since it is extremely attractive.
  • Srilanka uses it in their cultural festivals for decoration purposes.
  • Some people grow it as an aquarium plant while others trim off the top part and just keep the leaves present underwater.
  • Leaves and flowers of this flower are eaten.

Water Lily Medicine Uses:

Water Lily is commonly used in the Indian region for the treatment of indigestion. It was a part of Ayurveda medicine. The dried-up parts of the plant are used as animal forage.

Water Lily Flower Art:

The flower is used as art throughout Asia. Some people grow it in ponds for the décor of the pond. In Srilanka, these flowers are used for decoration during traditional festivals.

Shapla National Flower of art


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