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National Flower of Russia | Chamomile Russian Flower

Biological name

The biological name of this flower is Matricaria recutita.


The flower has small petals that are spread around a central circular region.


The flower belongs to the family Asteraceae and is a type of daisy. The petals are white in color while the middle portion is dark yellow.


The flower is widely found in many regions across the globe.

National Flower of Russia

The national flower of Russia is Chamomile. It is also sometimes referred to as Chamomile which is the British name for the flower.

Chamomile Information

The flower is thought to have medicinal value. This is why it is used to make an infusion. There is no sufficient research to prove the medical value of this flower. The flower has polyphenols in it and there is no evidence to indicate what kind of effects they have in humans. There is research going on to determine if the flower has any effect on anxiety.

People who are allergic to ragweed could also possibly be allergic to this plant. It contains several chemicals that can cause reactions if it is used concurrently with medications such as anti-inflamer and anti-coagulator drugs.

National Flower of Russia

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Chamomile Facts and Uses

  • The flower is used to make infusions and chamomile tea is suggested for many purposes.
  • The two species that are used for making infusions are the German Chamomile and the Romanian chamomile.
  • The chamomile flower is susceptible to attack by insects and fungi. Aphid also feeds on the plant.
  • Pregnant women are advised not to use Chamomile as it causes uterine contractions that can be the cause of miscarriage.

Chamomile Medicinal Use

Chamomile is used in teas for its anti-inflammatory effects. More research is needed to reveal any real benefits.

Chamomile Flower Art

The flower is not used for art.


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