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Corn Flower: The National Flower of Germany

Most of you might know Germany for all its history of wars and all, trust me, there is more to one of the most prosperous nations in Europe than just that dark history. The people of Germany have their own language, cultural significance, and norms. As for the national symbols, they have plenty of that as well. Talking about the national symbols today, we will tell you about the National Flower of Germany i.e. Corn Flower. The article will contain the facts about the Corn Flower as the National Flower of Germany, its origin, and history. So, let us begin with that now.

Corn Flower: The National Flower of Germany History and Origin:

Though for some people, the Corn Flower might be a common species, they don’t know a lot of facts about this flower. As for its existence, there are many places in Europe where this flower grows. In the UK, this was in abundance but now its existence is quite rare in these parts. The Corn Flower has a biological name as well that is Centaurea Cyanus. Besides his biological name, this flower is also called by different names such as Bachelor’s Button and Blue Bottle.

Due to many reasons, the cultivation of this flower is going extinct. Over a timespan of fifty years, its existence has shrunk to only 3 sites which were about 265 before. Of course, this flower also grows on a plant which is only 16-35 inches tall most of the times. As for its plant whose height we just mentioned, it grows with green stems and beautiful dark blue colored flowers. Many people confuse the color with purple and that is due to the dark blue leaves which give a purple contrast. As for the size of the flowers, they are only about 1.5 to 3 centimeters.

Corn Flower: The National Flower of Germany Facts:

Listed below are some of the top Corn Flower facts:

  • In Canada, they cultivate this flower on a massive scale for the purposes of decoration.
  • This flower also has a great color variety including the dark blue, pink, yellow, and lavender color.
  • The PH level of soil required for the best of their growth is from 6.6 to 7.5 PH.
  • On a single flower most of the times, there are about 50 or more petals.
  • This flower is also used as the representative symbol for different political parties all across Europe.

So these were some of the top Corn Flower, the national flower of Germany facts. If you want to read about some more national flowers, keep visiting our website.


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