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Lotus: The National Flower of India

Even though India and Pakistan got separated in 1947, they still have quite a common culture. This is a result of thousands of years of these people living together. Talking about India, it is also a country which has a diversity of cultures and traditions. The National Flower of India is Lotus which is another beautiful flower which is also known by many other names including the Sacred Lotus, Egyptian Bean, and the Bean of India.

Lotus: The National Flower of India Facts, Biological Origin, and History:

The biological name of the Indian Lotus is Nelumbo Nucifera. In common language, the names for this flower are Lotus, Indian Lotus, the Bean of India, and the Egyptian Bean. The Indian Lotus is basically an aquatic plant and is one the plants from the extant species.

information about lotus flower

Most of the countries where this plant grows include some countries from Asia, Australia, and Queensland. Both India and Vietnam share this as their national flower. Lotus is mostly cultivated from the water gardens.

The Indian Lotus has many uses in daily life. It is one of the major parts of the chemicals which are used in daily wastewater treatment in different facilities. This plant also has its major use in areas such as the bioengineering and is commercialized through the limited storage facilities.

While we have stated so much about this flower, we shall move ahead and state some of the top facts of this flower:

  • Lotus is called by different names such as the Egyptian Bean, Sacred Lotus, the Bean of India, and Indian Lotus.
  • Not only India but Vietnam also use this flower as their national flower.
  • Most of the regions where this plant grows include Tropical Asia, Australia, and some parts of Queensland.
  • The Indian Lotus is an aquatic plant and that is why it is mainly cultivated from the water gardens.
  • Used in different water treatment and bioengineering facilities.

So this was all the important stuff you needed to know about this the National Flower of India, Lotus. Keep visiting our website to read more about the national flowers of different states.


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