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Blue PassionNational FlowersSouth America

National Flower of Paraguay | Blue Passion Flower Paraguay

Biological Name:

The biological name of this flower is Passiflora caerulea.


The colour of these flowers is green in colour with purple lines in the middle.


Each flower has 10 petals that are all spread out.


The flower is native to South American countries.

National Flower of Paraguay:

The national flower of Paraguay is the Blue Passionflower.

Blue Passionflower Information:

The plant is a woody vine and it grows up to 20 meters high. The vine grows to this length when there are trees around it to support its growth. The leaves of this plant ate alternate and they have five to seven lobes. They are spread like a hand and are about 6 to 7 inches long. At the base of each leaf, there is a tendril that extends up to 10 cm. It twines around the trees that are growing nearby to support the growth of the plant.

The flower of this plant is the most striking feature since it is a complex floral arrangement. It is 10 cm in diameter and is white in colour. There are five sepals and the same number of petals are also present. On the flower, there are filaments in each petal that are violet in colour. The stigmas are purple and are visible. The stamens are yellow in colour and may even give a greenish tinge.

National Flower of Paraguay

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Blue Passion Flower Facts and Uses:

  • The plant’s fruit is a berry which is orange-yellow in colour. It contains many seeds.
  • Birds eat the fruit and then spread the seeds.
  • Humans can also eat this fruit but the taste is a little bland.

Blue Passionflower Medicine Uses:

The flower is used for relieving anxiety and nervousness. Extracts from the flower are also effective in the treatment of sleep problems.

Blue Passionflower Flower Art:

The flower is quite complicated and awe-striking which is why it is grown as an ornamental flower.


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