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Jasmine: The National Flower of Pakistan

Pakistan is a country of diverse cultures. It is one of the fewer nations with all four kinds of weather, lots of different ethnicities and religions. Also, it is full of natural resources and has the most diverse culture of natural stuff. Jasmine is the National Flower of Pakistan and today; we are going to talk about this flower in detail. We are going to talk about its biological origin, history, and other facts.

Jasmine: The National Flower of Pakistan Biological Origin and History:

Jasmine is a flower which mostly grows in East and South Asia. This plant is mostly known for its flower which is Jasmine flower. Now, you would have seen most of this flower is used for decoration in houses and gardens. This is because of its enchanting fragrance and lovely white flowers which decorate the gardens quite beautifully.

jasmine flower in urdu

If we talk about the biological origin of this flower, it is from the Plantae Kingdom and is from the genus of vines and shrubs. This plant mostly grows in the parts of Australia and Asia and that is why Pakistan has made this official that they are the ones who will use this as their national symbol.

Jasmine: The National Flower of Pakistan Facts:

Jasmine, besides its uses of decoration in the gardens, also has some other benefits. In China, the Chinese people drink Jasmine Flower Tea. It is a special extract which is consumed mainly in China and it is one of the things they are famous for.

In Pakistan, even though it is the national flower, its cultivation is not too much. However, still, it is a big part of different occasions such as the wedding and birthday parties. Since it is in abundance, its sale on different flower shops is quite cheap.

A national flower of any country represents that particular state at different places. However, besides some rare occasions, the people of Pakistan mainly sideline this at world events such as Olympics and others.

So this was everything you needed to know about the national flower of Pakistan, Jasmine. In order to learn more about them keep visiting our website.


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