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Rose: The National Flower of USA

Rose, the flower of Love is the national flower of United States of America. Does not matter what good and happy occasion it is, this flower is a part of every party and is a symbol of love and affection. Today, we are going to tell you everything about the National Flower of USA.

Rose: The National Flower of USA:

There is this little history of Rose being the national flower of USA. Since Rose is being used as a flower on different ceremonies such as weddings, birthday parties, and many other occasions, the people of the United States signed a petition and placed in front of the President to declare Rose as the national flower. So, it was finally in 1986 when the President of the United States signed and Rose officially became the National Flower of the United States.

Biological Information of Rose:

Rose is from the family of flowers Rosa and thus, it has this English name Rose. There are so many species which if you count, exceed the number 100. It is one of the flowers which grows in so many distinct colors and types. Two of the most famous Roses are Red and Black Rose.

Rose: The National Flower of USA Facts:

Red Rose is a pure symbol of love which you present to your loved ones such as your wife or your friends to show them how much you love them. Even though it is the National Flowers of the United States, most of its species grow in Asia. Some of its other species grow in Europe and North America.

Rose is also famous for its variety of fragrances which are now a big part of the cosmetic industry where millions of perfumes are being produced both for women and men. However, its fragrance is mainly female preferred and thus, more perfumes are produced for women using Rose’s fragrance.

If you are someone who loves gardening, this must be your favorite flower. This is because of the wider range or availability of Rose which makes it people’s favorite.

So, this was everything important you needed to know about Rose: The National Flower of United States. In order learn more about the national flowers of different countries, keep visiting our website.


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