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National Flower of Madagascar | Poinciana Flower of Madagascar

Biological Name:

The biological name of the national flower of Madagascar is Delonix regia.


The flowers are mostly red in color. Sometimes, they may even be yellow. This is very rare though.


Each flower has four petals. These are quite long extending up to 8 cm in length. There is also a fifth petal which is called the standard. This petal is longer in length and is colored yellow and white.


The flower originates from the Indian and American regions.

National Flower of Madagascar:

The national flower of Madagascar is Poinciana.

Poinciana Information:

The flowers of this plant are present in corymbs and they appear at the ends of the plant’s branches. The yellow-colored flower is present in the species that grows naturally in Bengal. When the pods are young, they are green in color and they are flaccid in nature. As they mature, the color turns to dark brown as the pods also become woody. The pods can be quite long in length ranging up to 60cm.

The seeds of this plant ate very small in size and they weigh very little too. It has compound leaves that appear feathery and they are bright green in color. This is one of the striking features of this plant. The leaves are also quite long ranging up to 50cm in length. Leaflets and secondary leaves are also present.

National Flower of Madagascar

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Poinciana Facts and Uses:

  • The flower grows in Madagascar and is present naturally in the deciduous forests of the country.
  • Now, it is being grown in all tropic areas around the world.

Poinciana Medicine Uses:

Some parts of the plant have been used in Traditional Medicine but there are no references from modern times related to its medicinal uses.

Poinciana Flower Art:

The flower is grown as an ornamental flower since it is so flamboyant and attractive.


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