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National Flower of Seychelles | Tropicbird Orchid Flower of Seychelles

Biological Name:

The biological name of this flower is Angraecum eburneum.


The flower is bright in color such as in shades of pink and fuchsia.


The petals are four to five in number and are spread out. In some species of orchids, the petals also have a hint of white in them.


The flower is present in regions of Africa, the Indian Ocean, and Asia.

National Flower of Seychelles:

The tropicbird orchid is the national flower of Seychelles. There are about 30 species of orchids present on the island and many of them are thought to be endemic to the island.

Tropicbird Orchid Information:

Orchids are found in abundance on the island although only two of the species are generally recognized with one being the Tropicbird orchid. Both the species have large blooms and due to this reason, they are decreasing in number as people tend to pick these flowers.

The other species that are generally found is often snaked around the rocks or trees on the island as an epiphyte. Some species of orchids have smaller flowers and these flowers grow in clusters on the mountains. The flowers are pink and white in color.

National Flower of Seychelles

Tropicbird Orchid Facts and Uses:

  • Orchids are used in the making of perfumes because of their strong scent. The scent of these flowers is there to attract the moths and other insects for pollination.
  • One of the species that is used for perfumes has flowers that only last for a day. They self-pollinate and increase in number quickly.

Tropicbird Orchid Medicine Uses:

Some species of orchids are used in Chinese medicine.

Tropicbird orchids Flower Art:

The flowers can be used for ornamental purposes as they are brightly colored and also have a strong scent. This is why they are often picked.


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