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National Flower of Wales | Flower of UK

national flower of walesBiological Name

The biological name of this flower is Narcissus.


The flowers are orange or pink in color.


There are six tepals in each flower and the corona is shaped like a trumpet. The tepals are contrasting in color.


The flower is native to Wales.

National Flower of UK:

The daffodil is the national flower of Wales.

Daffodil Information:

These plants are scapose. This means that they have a central stem that is hollow and leafless. The bulb gives rise to green leaves that are strap-shaped and narrow.  Each stem has a solitary flower.

This is what normally happens but sometimes a cluster of flowers also forms on the stem. This cluster is called an umbel. The flowers are formed of a perianth consisting of three parts.

They may be yellow or white in color. Sometimes, they consist of both colors. The flowers sometimes hang down from the step and can even be erect at times. A style is present in the center and around it, six stamens are present that bear pollen. The ovary is trilocular and it is present below the floral parts of the plant.

Daffodil Facts and Uses:

  • The bulb has contractile roots and they pull the plant deeper into the soil.
  • When the leaves have died, the bulb becomes dormant.
  • Many of the species are dormant during the summer and winter seasons. They either flower in spring or autumn.

Daffodil Medicine Uses:

Daffodils are used by some people for the treatment of asthma and whooping cough. Sometimes, people also apply it to injured areas for the treatment of wounds and strained joints. If the ingestion of this flower is unsupervised, it can prove to be fatal.

Daffodil medicines

Daffodil Flower Art:

The flower is used in decoration sometimes due to its bright colors.

Daffodil flower art


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