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National Flower of Guyana | Victorian lily Flower of Guyana

Biological Name The biological name of this flower is Victoria amazonica.
Color The color of flowers is white when they open. On the second day of their blooming, they turn pink.
Petals It is a water plant with white petals that are elongated. The overall diameter of the flower can be up to 40cm.
Origin The flower is native to South America. It was found in Bolivia for the very first time.

National Flower of Guyana

The victorian lily is the national flower of Guyana. At first, the flower was named Victoria Regia, in honor of Queen Victoria. Afterward, the name was changed to V.amazonica. This is because the flower grows in the basin of the Amazon River. National Flower of Guyana

Victorian Lily Information

Victorian water lily attracted the British very much. During the reign of Queen Victoria, this flower became a representative of the British empire. The flower has greatly influenced architecture. A great example of this is the Crystal Palace built in London. The whole design of this palace was inspired by the petals of a Victorian water lily.

The leaves of this flower are circular in shape and are huge in size. The flower is called the queen of Waterlilies.

Victorian Lily Facts and Uses

  • The leaves of this plant are huge and they can grow up to half a square meter each day.
  • On the upper surface of the leaves, a waxy layer is present. This layer keeps water away.
  • On the underside of the leaves, ribs are present.
  • Air is entrapped between these ribs and this provides buoyancy to the plant for floating on water.

Victorian Lily Medicine Uses

The seeds of this flower are often used as nutritious food. People roast them and then eat them.

Victorian Lily Flower Art

The flower is used for ornamental purposes and has inspired architectural designs too.

Victorian lily art


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