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Erythrina: The National Flower of Argentine

Argentine is a country in South America. Erythrina is the national flower of this country which is from the genus of flowering plants. If we talk about the species, here is a plant with a wide variety of species which goes up to 130 of them. Also, these are one of the flowering plants with very long trees which go up to about 30 meters and more. Today, we are going to talk in detail about Erythrina which is the national flower of Argentine.

Erythrina: The National Flower of Argentine Facts, History, and Biological Origin:

The name of this flower is a Greek word which means ‘Red’. This flower is named not because of its biological origin but only because of its unique red color. Other terms which are in use due to the color of this tree include the Flame Tree and the Coral Tree. However, it is also true that not all the flowers of these species are red colored. There are other flowers in the genus as well with colors such as yellow, salmon, green, and white.

Erythrina flowers are also called fruit plants because of these are rich of nectar. This is one of the reason why you will always see thousands of birds surrounding this tree looking forward to suck its nectar. Their use for humans, however, is quite different from the one for birds. Since they do not have any special edible benefit for humans, you will see them planted across many public parks because of their beauty. Their fragrance is used in the making of different products such as coffee.

As for its use as floral emblems, this goes as the national flower of Argentine. Being a neighboring country, Uruguay also use this flower as their floral emblem during some events, however, it is not their official pick.

So, these were some of the interesting facts about Erythrina, the national flower of Argentine. To learn more about the national flowers of different countries, keep visiting our website.


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