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National Flower of Latvia | Daisy Flower of Latvia

Biological Name

The biological name of this flower is Leucanthemum vulgare.


The color of the flowers is white with yellow in the center.


The petals are actually ray florets that are 20 in number. The disc floret in the middle is yellow in color.


The flower is native to Asia, America, New Zealand, and Australia.

National Flower of Latvia

Daisy is the National flower of Latvia.

National Flower of Latvia

Daisy Information

The plant is a herb in nature and is perennial. It grows up to three feet high. The plant has a creeping rhizome from white branches sprout. As far as the leaves are concerned, they are green on the upper and lower side. The basal leaves are petiolate which means that they are attached to the stem with a petal. The middle leaves are the same way. The leaves on the upper part of the plant growing along the stem and they are shorter than the other leaves on the plant.

This flower starts to bloom in late spring and the blooming period lasts up till the fall season. The flower has a small head that is just 5 cm. A lot of seeds are produced by the plant and they do not have pappus. These seeds can stay in the soil for up to 3 years. Other than the seeds, the plant can also grow through rhizomes.

Daisy Facts and Uses

  • Daisies are grown for ornamental purposes in gardens.
  • They are chosen for this growth because they can grow in a range of conditions.
  • They prefer damp soils.
  • Contact dermatitis is a form of allergy that happens due to daisies.

Daisy Medicinal Uses

Some daises are used as tonics and are effective in treating internal wounds and whooping cough.

Daisy Flower Art

Daisies are grown as ornamental flowers all around the world from Asia to Australia.

Daisy Flower Art


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