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National Flower of Portugal | Lavender Flower of Portugal

Biological Name:

The biological name of this flower is Lavendula.


The flowers may be lilac, blue or purple in color. Sometimes, they are also yellow.


The flowers are formed in whorls.


The flower is native to southeast India, African regions, and Cape Verde. It is also found in the Canary Islands.

National Flower of Portugal:

Lavender is the national flower of Portugal.

Lavender Information:

The flowers in this genus are perennial in growth and herbaceous in nature. They may be small shrubs or shrub-like plants. Leaves of different species differ from each other in shape and type. Some species have simple leaves while others have pinnate leaves. In some cases, the leaves are also multi-pinnate. Most of the species have their leaves covered in hair which is the organ containing the oils. These hairs are called indumentum.

The flowers are produced in whorls. The leaves are present below the flowers while they bloom are held on spikes. Calyx and corolla both are tubular and in some species, the bracts may also be colored.

National Flower of Portugal:

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Lavender Facts and Uses:

  • The buds of this flower have culinary uses. They are used for flavoring in rice and vegetables.
  • They can be used either in savories or sweet dishes. The flowers of this plant are used in making herbal teas.\
  • The essential oils from the plant are quite helpful for relaxation.
  • Syrup taken from lavender is used for making scones and marshmallows in the US.
  • Since the flower has abundant nectar, honey bees use this nectar in the formation of honey.

Lavender Medicine Uses:

The foil from this flower is used to treat bug bites. It is thought to have anti-inflammatory properties.

Flower Art:

Since the flower has such beautiful and unique colored flowers, it is grown for ornamental purposes.


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