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Golden Wattle: The National Flower of Australia

If we talk about some of the most beautiful and attractive flowers, the Golden Wattle is one of them. The Golden Wattle is the National Flower of Australia. Australia is a beautiful country with so many national symbols, and most definitely, its national flower is among the most exotic ones. Today, we are going tell you about the origin, history, and some of the top Golden Wattle facts.

Golden Wattle: The National Flower of Australia Facts and Origin:

The Golden Wattle is a beautiful flower which grows with nice little flower heads of yellow color mostly in the spring season. It mainly grows in Australia and the northern parts of it. There is very little evidence of this flower growing in some of the other parts of the world. It looks a like yellow and fluffy flower which has one central flower and then there are some little flowers growing on it with a few yellow heads.

If we talk about the natural order, the Golden Wattle is from the kingdom Plantae and the Division Magnoliophyta. As for its Order and Genus, it is from the Fabales and Acacia respectively. This flower looks like a fluffy one which only grows in yellow and has lovely thin petals which are mostly hidden by the stamens which are always longer, and these flowers are mainly found in round clusters. In each flower, this is one bigger one and then many small ones with yellow heads.

Golden Wattle Facts:

  • The Golden Wattle was named the Floral Emblem of Australia since it was the most obvious choice because it mainly grows in Australia only especially this distinct yellow race.
  • Some species of these flowers also grow in some parts of Asia and Africa.
  • The most prominent flower in this family is the Blackwood Wattle. This herb grows mostly in the Southern and Eastern Australia.
  • In some parts of the country and mostly on the countryside, this flower is also consumed as food by using different cooking techniques.

So these were some of the top Golden Wattle Facts, the national flower of Australia. We keep bringing fantastic information about the national flowers of different countries to make sure that you keep coming back to our site.


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