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Plum Blossom: The National Flower of China

If we talk about the history of different countries and the civilizations they had, China has most horrible one. The history dates back two hundred and thousand years where there was philosophy, traditions, and cultures. Today, we are going to tell you about the Plum Blossom: The National Flower of China.

There is a contradiction between some people who consider Peony as their national flower and the government who have not designated this flower yet as the national flower. So officially, it is Plum Blossom or Chinese Plum which is the designated national flower of China.

The contradiction is because of the fact that Peony has much more importance in the culture and art of China. However, since it is official now, let us tell you more interesting facts about the plant.

Plum Blossom: The National Flower of China Facts, History, and Origin:

If we talk about the origin of this flower, it basically originated in China and was later introduced to places such as Vietnam, Japan, and Korea. The time of its growth is in the mid-winter when it starts growing in January and its plant reaches its height of 4-10 meters in a month or two. The tree also bears fruit and its use in the making of different juices. In alcohol and other drinks, it is used for fragrance purposes. Some of its main use is also in the production of traditional Chinese Medicine.

In China, Plum Blossom has a large variety of shades, colours, and fragrances. That is one of the reasons why it is used in many places such as in the preparation of different juices especially due to its unique fragrance. Its use in alcohol is also due to its sweet fragrance and another of its use is in the production of medicine. Plum Sauce is a famous Chinese sauce which is prepared by using this as one of the ingredients.

So these were some important facts and figure about Plum Blossom, the national flower of China. There is much more on our website related to national flowers so make sure that you visit our homepage.


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