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National Flower of New Zealand | Kowhai Flower of New Zealand

Biological Name

The biological name of this flower is Sophora. Actually, this is the name of the genus that the flower belongs to.


The flowers are yellow in color.


The petals are closed and long. They form a tube of 3 to 5 cm long.


The flower is native to New Zealand.

National Flower of New Zealand:

Kowhai is the national flower of New Zealand. Actually, no official national flower has been chosen by the country. However, Kowhai is deemed as the unofficial floral emblem of the country.


Kowhai Information:

One of the most distinctive features of this plant is the seed pods. These are formed after flowing and appear somewhat segmented. All of these pods contain about 6 or more seeds. These seeds are smooth in texture but they are also quite hard. The seeds are normally yellow in most species. However, one has black seeds.

Since the plant produces a lot of seeds, one can identify its presence of it nearby when there are many yellow seeds dropped on the ground. The flowers are formed from July to November and the plant loses its leaves after flowering. The leaves form again soon. Almost all the species, except a few, are semi-deciduous. This tree is the center of attention for many birds including wood pigeons and tuis. Bellbirds also are attracted to this tree because of the showy yellow flowers. Tuis can fly a long distance to get to the tree to drink its nectar.

Kowhai Facts and Uses:

  • The wood from this plant is very dense. This is why it is used to make tools and machinery.

Kowhai Medicine Uses:

The extracts from this plant are used to treat ringworm.

Kowhai Flower Art:

Due to their attractive color, the trees are grown for ornamental purposes.


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