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National Flower of Australia | Acacia Flower of Australia

Acacia National flower

Biological Name:

The biological name of this flower is Acacia pycnantha.


The color of the flowers on this plant is yellow. Some of the species are also white.

acacia white
Acacia white
acacia yellow
Acacia yellow


The petals are quite small and fluffy. Acacia has five petals on each flower. The petals are arranged in clusters that might be elongated or rounded. The petals are not easily visible since they are covered by long stamens.



The flower is native to the South Eastern regions of Australia. It grows in the drier climates of Australia.

National Flower of Australia:

Acacia is the national flower of Australia. It is commonly called the Golden Wattle because of the yellow petals. The flowers smell quite sweet and are often grown for ornamental purposes. In Australia, the flowers may be of different sizes but the color remains the same.

Acacia Medicine Uses:

The smoke from the Golden Wattle is effective in the treatment of inflamed skin. Research has shown that this flower may also inhibit tumor formation.

acacia medicen - Copy

Acacia Information:

The National flowers bloom on the arrival of spring or towards the end of winter. These flowers grew on the Acacia plant which is a shrub. It is about 8 meters high, sometimes as short as 4 meters. Of the total of 1300 species of Acacia, 950 originate from Australia.

6 Acacia Uses and Facts:

1-The flower is also seen on the Australian coat of arms.

2-Some moths use this flower as their food source in larval stages.

3-People who are sensitive to perfumes may find the strong scent of this flower irritating and allergenic.

4-The name Wattle is given to the flower from a historical perspective. Australians assume that their ancestors used this plant for making the wattle.

5-The locals celebrate Wattle Day on the first day of September.

6-Since they have a strong fragrance, the Wattle flowers are often used for making perfumes and potpourris.

Acacia Flower art:

The flowers are used for ornamental purposes.

Acacia Ornamentals Acacia Ornamentals


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