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National Flower of Luxembourg | Flower of Luxembourg

Biological Name:

The biological name of this flower is Rosa. This is actually the Genus name for all rose species.


Rose flowers come in different colors. They can be yellow, red, white, and even black. Some species are also being and are a strain between red and white.


The petals of this flower form a whorl and are large in number. They feel soft to touch.


Roses are native to Asia and some parts of Europe. These are also native to some parts of Africa.

National Flower of Luxembourg:

Roses are the national flowers of Luxembourg.

Rose Information:

Roses have a lot of uses in the world right now. Most importantly, they are grown as ornamental flowers. There are more than 100 species of roses. These flowers have a fragrance which is why they are also grown in the gardens and are used as cut flowers. The rose flower has prickles on it petioles. The prickles are present to keep the flower safe from any predators.

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Rose Facts and Uses:

  • Roses are used to make perfumes. Rose oil contains the fragrance of the flower so it is used in perfumes. These perfumes are sold by high-end brands as well as local ones.
  • Roses are also used to make rose water which is used in different home remedies for skin treatment and hair treatment.
  • Roses are a great source of freshness and nourishment. People like to add rose petals or rose oils to their baths for freshness.
  • Roses are also used during religious practices. For example, Muslims spread rose petals on the grave of their loved ones.

Rose Medicinal Uses:

Roses are used to make skincare products and for the treatment of acne and other skin issues. The extract from this flower is also used to make herbal teas.

Rose Flower Art:

Roses are used for decor and are grown as ornamental flowers in gardens.

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