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National Flower of India | Lotus Floral of INDYA

Biological Name The biological name of this flower is Nelumbo Nucifera Gaertn.
Color The flowers are white in color with a pinkish tint towards the ends. The middle part is yellow.
Petals Each flower has many petals that are open wide.
Origin The flower is native to Asia and Australia as the oldest seeds were found in the north-eastern region of China.

National Flower of India

Lotus is the national flower of IndiaNational Flower of India

Lotus Information

The Lotus flower has many different names, including sacred lotus and Indian lotus. The flower has seeds that can remain dormant for many years and germinate when conditions are favorable. The seeds found in China were 1300 years oils.

Since it is a water plant, the roots of this plant are present in the soil of the water body and the leaves are floating on the surface of the pond or river. Stems are longer than the leaves and are thick in diameter. The Lotus plant can grow up to a height of 150cm and it may spread 3m wide. The leaves of this plant ate quite large and can range up to 60cm in diameter. The flowers may be 20cm in diameter.

According to botanists, lotus plants are similar to warm-blooded animals in the respect that they can regulate the temperature of their flowers.

Lotus  Facts and Uses

  • The lotus flower has heat resistant proteins in it that are useful in research.
  • This National flower is also used for bioengineering studies due to its unique temperature regulation property.

Lotus Medicine Uses

Lotus is used for the treatment of diarrhea and fever in traditional medicine. In China, the seeds are used for improving heart and kidney health.

Lotus Flower Art

The flower is grown for ornamental purposes in ponds that are present in parks. Other than that, its extensive usage is in fields of science and medicine.

Lotus art


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