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National Flower of Puerto Rico | Maga de Flora Flower of Puerto Rico

Biological Name

The biological name of this flower is Thespesia Grandiflora.


The flower is red in color.


Each flower has 5 petals that are spread open.


The flower is native to Puerto Rico. In Spanish, the common name of this flower is Maga.

National Flower of Puerto Rico

Maga de Flora is the national flower of Puerto Rico.

Maga Information

The flower belongs to the family Malvaceae and the order Rosids. Since it is endemic to Peurto Rico, it grows there extensively. Initially, the flower grew excessively in the Limestone Mountains that are present in the western part of the Island. From these humid north-central mountains, the flower spread to the rest of the country through cultivation. Today, the plant is also used for ornamental purposes in other regions of the world including Hawaii, Florida, and Honduras.

In a few Caribbean islands, Maga is grown as an ornamental tree. The wood from this tree is quite durable and can be used for purposes other than ornamental ones. The tree grows to a height of 30 meters and is used for its timber. The plant has dark green leaves. The flowers may be pink or red and are cup-shaped. The flowers originate from the leaf base and are present on separate petioles.

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Maga Facts and Uses

  • The flower is 9 to 13 cm in diameter and the petals of this flower overlap with each other.
  • In warm climates, the flower shows intermittent growth throughout the year.
  • Its wood is quite durable which is why it is used as timber.

Maga Medicine Uses

There are not many known medicinal uses for this flower.

Maga Flower Art

The flower is a common sight in Puerto Rico as it is grown as an ornamental tree in the country.


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