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National Flower of Liberia | Pepper Flower of Liberia

Biological Name

The biological name of this flower is Piper nigrum.


The color of the flowers is white.


The flowers have a few petals and are present on a pendulous spike which ranges from 6 to 8cm in length.


The flower is native to south Indian regions.

National Flower of Liberia

The pepper flower is the national flower of Liberia.

Flower of Liberia

Pepper Information

Peppers belong to the family Piperaceae. The plants are cultivated because of their fruits. These fruits are dried and then they are used as a spice. Peppers are used extensively for seasoning and are often coupled with salt. The fruit of this plant is called peppercorn. When the peppercorns are fully natural, they reach a size of 5 mm in diameter. They are dark red in color. Since they are drupes, these fruits only contain one seed.

Normally, these are just called peppers but there are some variations. Peppercorns are ground to form pepper as the powder. The unripe fruit that has been dried and cooked is called black pepper. The dried and unripe fruit before cooking is called green pepper and white pepper is the ripe fruit.

Pepper Facts and Uses

  • Peppers are native to south India and they are grown in other tropical regions around the world too.
  • At the moment, the largest cultivation of pepper is in Vietnam and the country produces 34% of the pepper of the world.
  • Other than its usage as a seasoning, black pepper has also been used as medicine in traditional times.
  • It is a very popularly traded spice.

Pepper Medicine Uses

Both the black and white pepper are used for medicinal purposes. These peppers are used for cancer treatment and for treating stomach upsets. White pepper is also used for cholera and malaria treatment.

Pepper Flower Art

Peppers are not grown for an ornamental purpose since they have more medicinal and culinary use.

Pepper Flower Art


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