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Lignum vitaeNational FlowersNorth America

National Flower of Jamaica | Lignum vitae Flower of Jamaica

Biological Name The biological name of this flower is Guiacum officinale.
Color The flowers are mostly purple in color.
Petals The flowers each have five petals.
Origin The flower is native to tropical American regions and the West Indies.

National Flower of Jamaica

Lignum vitae is the national flower of Jamaica.

National flower of Jamaica Lignum vitae

Lignum Vitae Information

The plant is a short tree that originated from the continental American regions and the West Indies. In Jamaica, the plant thrives well in the woodlands of the region. You will see the flowers on the south coast of the country. Lignum Vitae is used for ornamental purposes because of its attractive purple flowers. The fruits of the flowers are bright orange-yellow in color with a rounded crown.

Lignum Vitae is known for its multiple uses. The body of the tree, along with the bark and leaves has a purpose. Thus, all parts of the tree serve a purpose. The tree is also known around the world for its medicinal properties. The locals use the leaves of this tree and rub them on their insect bites and cuts for relief.

Lignum Vitae Facts and Uses

  • The Lignum flower has plenty of medicinal uses.
  • Other than that, it is also grown as an ornamental flower.
  • The wood from this tree is used to make furniture since it is durable.
  • Since the wood is quite tough, it is also used for making batons for policemen and pulleys.

Lignum Vitae Medicine Uses

Back in the day, the gum extracted from the plant resin was used as a purgative. In the sixteenth century, the plant was also used as a remedy for syphilis and gout.

Lignum Vitae Flower Art

This National flower is used for ornamental purposes all around the world. Its flowers and fruits both are quite attractive.Lignum Vitae Flower Art


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