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National Flower of Sri Lanka | Blue Water Lily Flower of Sri Lanka

Sri lanka National flowerBiological Name

The biological name of this flower is Nymphaea nouchali.


The flower is light blue to white in color. Sometimes, the color may even come off as mauve and it slowly turns to yellow in the center of the flower.


The petals are long and slightly pointed. They open during a certain time in the day and then close later.


The flower was originally known to the Egyptian Civilization and is grown in Asia now.

National Flower of Sri Lanka

The blue water lily is the floral emblem of Sri Lanka.

Blue Water Lily Information

The leaves of this plant are broad and rounded. They are 10 to 15 cm in diameter. There is not much known about the actual bloom of the flower. Some reports say that it opens in the morning and then rises to the surface of the water. At dusk, it closes and then sinks back to the bottom. The flower buds come to the surface after two to three days and they remain open from 9:30 in the morning to 3 pm in the afternoon.

Blue lotus and white lotus both hold significance in Egyptian art and culture. The plant can be seen as a part of Egyptian art. It can be seen in carvings on famous buildings and in paintings. The flower is associated with party life in these depictions or as a passage to the afterlife. In Egyptian mythology, the flower is representative of the sun because it sleeps at night and opens in the morning.

Blue Water Lily Facts and Uses

  • It contains a sedative called aporphine. The Mayans also knew about this.
  • The flower was used for making perfumes.

Nymphaea Nouchali medicinal uses:

The National flower is used for aromatherapy.

Blue Water Lily Flower Art

There is no ornamental use of the flower.

nymphaea nouchali flower art


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