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National Flower of Ireland | Clover Floral of Ireland

Biological Name The biological name of the genus this flower belongs to is Trofiolium.
Color The different colors in the plant may be red, purple, yellow or white.
Petals These are spiky in nature and the leaves are trifoliate. Sometimes, quadrifoliate leaves are also seen.
Origin The flower is native to African regions. It is normally found in the Northern Hemisphere.

National Flower of Ireland

Clover is the national flower of IrelandNational Flower of Ireland Clover

Clover Information

Clover sickness is a phenomenon due to which clovers often die. This is common in acidic souls where clovers are subjected to diseases and pests. Sometimes, the nutrient imbalance can also cause their death. The clover sickness is increasing in today’s time because the pollinators of these flowers are becoming scarce now.

The most common pollinator of this flower is the bumblebee, and this pollinator is decreasing in number due to agricultural activities.

Honey bees are also pollinators of this flower. Beekeepers need these flowers because the nectar of this flower is needed by bees. The bees also benefit the flower growers since they pollinate the flower and ensure that the yield is good and flowers are Always abundant in number.

Clover Facts and Uses

  • The clovers with four leaves are considered lucky.
  • The flower can have more than four leaflets too. In 2009, a flower was found with 56 leaflets by the same man who found a clover with 21 leaflets in the previous world record.
  • An idiom is also based on the flower (to live in a clover) which means to be carefree in life.
  • A cloverleaf interchange is called so because it looks like four leaves of a clover flower when viewed from above.

Clover Medicine Uses

The flower is used for treating skin issues like eczema and rashes.

Clover Flower Art

This National flower is used for ornamental purposes and to bring good luck.

Clover Flower Art


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