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National Flower of Jordan | Black Iris Flower of Jordan

Biological Name

The biological name of this flower is Iris nigricans.


The color of this flower is the most mesmerizing this about it. Its color is dark purple and often appears almost black. There is also a lilac hue in the flower with a white spot on it.


The petals of these flowers have a velvety appearance and they are irregular in shape.


The flower is native to Middle Eastern countries, especially Jordan.

National Flower of Jordan

The national flower of Jordan is Black Iris.

National Flower of Jordan Black Iris

Black Iris Information

The black iris is a beautiful flower that is considered one of the prettiest flowers around the world. The flower blooms during the spring season. It grows in rocky areas, in hills, and even sometimes at the edges of deserts. The black iris is very rare and this is due to its unique colors. There are three breath-taking colors in the flower, purple, white, and lilac.

The flowers are normally found in Jordan and grow around the Dead Sea and the Jordan River. It is also found close to the excavation sites and often grows there. The flower was discovered by John Gilbert Baker who was a botanist. He gave this name to the flower because of its apparent black color.

Black Iris Facts and Information

  • The flower is extremely beautiful but it is also known for being tough.
  • It can survive in harsh environments which is why it even grows in the Arabian desert.
  • The Jordanians consider this flower the queen of wildflowers.
  • It grows up to a height of 30 cm.
  • Tourists can see the flower during the March and April months.

Black Iris Medicine Uses

There are no known medical uses for this flower.

Black Iris Flower Art

Black iris grows in harsh conditions and serves ornamental purposes.

Black Iris Flower Art


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