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AsiaJasminum sambac

National Flower of Philippines | Jasmine Flower Of Philippines

Biological Name:

The biological name of this flower is Jasminum sambac.


The flowers are small and white in color.


The petals of these flowers are fragrant and are small in size.


The plant is native to Bhutan, India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. However, it is grown in various regions around the world including Jamaica, Puerto Rico, Central America, and Indonesia.

National Flower of Philippines:

The national flower of the Philippines is the Arabian Jasmine. In common language, it is called Sampaguita.

Arabian Jasmine Information:

Along with being the national flower of the Philippines, it is also one of three floral emblems of Indonesia. The flowers of this plant open drying during the night, sometime between 6 and 8 pm. Then, they close in the morning. The total opening span for the flower is 13 to 20 flowers.

The flowers are produced in clusters of 4 to 12. They bloom during the whole year and have a very strong fragrance. The corolla of the flower is white in color and is 2 to 3cm. There are 5 to 9 lobes of this flower. It also has a fruit white is purple to black in color. It is a berry that is o.39 inches in width.

National Flower of Philippines

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Arabian Jasmine Facts and Uses:

  • The flower is used for making essential oils which have a lot of importance in the field of medicine.
  • Since the flowers are so fragrant, they are used to make perfumes.

Arabian Jasmine Medicine Uses:

The Essential oils made from the flowers are used for relieving anxiety and also help to heal the scar marks. The oil also helps in the treatment of insomnia. Another use of oil is that it helps to prevent infection.

Arabian Jasmine Flower Art:

The flower is grown for its ornamental purpose in the Asian region.

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