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National Flower of Hungary | Tulips Floral of Hungary

Biological Name The biological name of this flower is Tulipa. This is actually the name of the genus to which all tulips belong.
Color The flowers of this plant are quite showy and they have colors ranging from red and pink to white. Tulip flowers are never purely blue.
Petals Two whorls are present in the flower, both of which have three parts. The whorls have three petals and three sepals. The tepals on the plant resemble petals and have bright colors. On the interior, these are darkly colored towards the base.
Origin Tulips are native to Central Asia but now they are grown all around the world.

National Flower of Hungary

Tulips are the National floral emblem of Hungary.

National flower of Hungary

Tulip Information

Tulips are flowers that bloom in the spring and are herbaceous in nature. They have bulbs, which are storage organs of the plant. With different colors, the flowers are quite showy and have a blotch of distinct color at the base of the tepals.

The classification in this genus is quite complex because the flowers have a long history and they are cultivated quite extensively all around the world. Also, there is a lot of variability in the genus, ranging from leaf size to flower shape.

Tulips belong to the family Liliaceae and have four subgenera. There are a total of around 75 species in the genus Tulipa. The name of this flower comes from the Persian word for turban. It is believed that the flower looks like a turban. Naturally, tulips grow in mountainous regions and thrive well on steppes. Since they are spring-blooming flowers, they go dormant during the summers.

Tulip Facts and Uses

  • There are thousands of cultivars of this flower in the world right now.
  • People grow these flowers extensively for ornamental pursues.

Tulips Medicinal Use

Tulips are used for the treatment of hay fever, sinus pain, and cold. It is also used in the cosmetic industry.

Tulip Flower Art

Tulips are popular ornamental National flowers.

Tulips Flower Art


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