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 National Flower of Guam | Bougainvillea Flower of GAUM

Biological Name The national flower of Guam is Bougainvillea.


The flowers are present in different bright colors. They range from purple and pink to orange and magenta.

Petals The genus is a vine species and it can grow up to 12 meters tall. The vine has spiky thorns and these thorns have a waxy material on their tips.
Origin The flower is present all around the world from  Malaysia and Indonesia to Pakistan and Argentina. Some species are also present in Mexico.

 National Flower of Guam

Bougainvillea is the national flower of Guam National Flower of Guam

Bougainvillea Information

The plant is evergreen in those regions where there is ample rainfall throughout the year. If they are present in the areas where the sea is dry, they are deciduous. The leaves of this flower are alternate in arrangement and can grow up to 13 cm in length. Their width is up to 6cm.


 The vine is normally grown along walls and fences. It can also be grown in baskets or small containers hanging from the walls. The leaves are heart-shaped and the thorn is long and arched. Sometimes, it is called a paper flower because of the papery texture of the bracts that are pink, burgundy, or orange in color. Some cultivars also have variegated flowers.

Bougainvillea Facts and Uses

  • Some species grow rapidly while others grow slowly.
  • In equatorial regions, flowers are present throughout the year.
  • In other areas, season blood lasts for six weeks maximum.
  • The best soil for their growth is a dry one and they need ample sunlight to grow.
  • These flowers are cultivated by cuttings.

Bougainvillea Medicine Uses

The flowers are used to treat cough, colds, hepatitis, and diabetes.

Bougainvillea Flower Art

These flowers are also grown for ornamental purposes in the garden for their colorful bracts.

Bougainvillea art work


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