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Blue Water Lily: The National Flower of Sri Lanka

Blue Water Lily: The National Flower of Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka is an important Asian Nation with so many diversities in culture and national symbols. The National Flower of Sri Lanka is Blue Water Lily which is also known by its biological name Nymphaea Stellata. It was in the year 1986 when this flower became the National Flower assigned by the government of Sri Lanka. This flower resembles Sun Flower which has a seedy area in the middle surrounded by purple petals. Today, we are going to talk in detail about The National Flower of Sri Lanka, Blue Water Lily.

Blue Water Lily: The National Flower of Sri Lanka Facts, Biological Origin, and History:

We have already discussed few important things such as the biological name of the Blue Water Lily and the year when its use the national flower of Sri Lanka was made official. Now, we are going to state some of the other top facts about this flower.

  • Blue Water Lily has been classified into three types which only includes the authentic water lilies.
  • The Authentic Water Lilies mean the ones which grow only in shallow freshwater places.
  • The season for their growth is not specific. They would grow anywhere where some shallow and fresh water is present.
  • The places where you can find are going to be different lakes, ponds, and anywhere some fresh water would be found.
  • Blue Water Lily is mainly famous for its blooming look during the daylight of the sun.
  • The rays of the sun make this purple flower look so exotic and beautiful.
  • The first letter ‘Nymphaia’ is a Greek word which stands for Lily. The second word ‘Stellatus’ stands for stars and it is generally named this because this looks like stars in the sky on the surface of the water.
  • This is one of the oldest known flower species which were even popular among the ancient civilizations of Egypt.
  • Some of the other names for this flower are Blue Lotus, Sacred Lotus, and Blue Egyptian Lotus.

So this was a list of top facts about Blue Water Lily which is the National Flower of Sri Lanka. To learn more about national flowers of different countries, keep visiting ‘National Flower of’.


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