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National Flower of Lithuania | Rue flower of Lithuania

Biological Name

The biological name of this flower is Ruta graveolens.


The flowers are yellow in color.


The petals of these flowers are small and simple since the plant is a herb.


The origin of these flowers is in the Balkan Peninsula.

National Flower of Lithuania

The National flower of Lithuania is the Rue flower. It is also called the Herb of Grace.

Flower of Lithuania

Rue Information

Rue flower grows on a herbaceous plant. It is very useful for culinary purposes. It is not widely used since it can cause stomach upsets in some people and it also has a somewhat bitter taste. Back in the day, it was used a lot in cooking but these days, the herb is sparingly used. Some regions around the world still use this herb.

In Ethiopia, Rue is used in the spice mixture and it is used in Ethiopian cuisine. History shows that the herb was also used in Roman cuisines and has been used as a favor in the Ft regions. Even the Mediterranean countries used the herb for flavoring their foods. Istria is a place in Croatia where the herb is used to give a certain flavor to food.

Rue Facts and Uses

  • In the Northern parts of Italy, the herb is used for bringing flavor to grappa.
  • Rue is also food for some species of caterpillars.
  • It can be used as a deterrent for cats since they do not like the smell of this plant.
  • Rue has some symbolic value since it is associated with witchcraft and is used as an ingredient in witchcraft.

Rue Medicine Uses

The herb is used to relieve gas from the body and also has anti-inflammatory properties. It is used as an insect repellent and also aids in inducing vomiting.

Rue Flower Art

The herb is sometimes grown as an ornamental flower since it has bluish leaves.

Rue Flower Art


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