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National Flower of Costa Rica | Guaria Morada Flower of Costa Rica

National Flower of Costa Rica

Biological Name:

The biological name of this flower is Cattleya skinnier.


The flowers are purple in color and the inner side is light blue in color.


The petals are four to six in number and are wide.


The flower is native to Costa Rica and was voted the national flower of the country.

National Flower of Costa Rica:

The national flower of Costa Rica is Guaria Morada. The flower is designated as an endangered treasure at the national level in the country. It was voted the national flower of the country in the June of 1939.

Guaria Morada Information:

Guaria Morada is a kind of orchid. It is very beautiful in color and grows in the spring season. The blossoms start in January and go up to March. The flowers do not last for a long time and very few flowers are produced on a single plant every season. The number of flowers ranges from four to five. Along with captivating colors, the flower also has a nice scent.

Guaria Morada Facts and Uses:

  • According to the people in the country, the flowers represent the beauty of women in Costa Rica.
  • Costa Rica has a lot of species of orchids, ranging up to 1500 in number.
  • The flower is very significant in the folklore of the country. The traditions of the country take the flower into massive consideration.
  • The flower is thought to be a sign of love and peace. In the country, it reflects harmony and good luck.

Guaria Morada Medicine Uses:

While many species of orchids are used in traditional medicines, this one is not extensively used.

Guaria Morada Flower Art:

People in the country grew this orchid in their gardens since it is believed to bring good fortune to the house. Also, the color and scent of this flower make it a popular choice for a garden plant.

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