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National Flower of Tahiti | Tahitian Gardenia Flower of Tahiti

National Flower of Tahiti flower art

Biological Name

The biological name of this flower is Gardenia triteness.


The flower is white in color


The petals are small and normally six in number arranged around a central disk.


The flower is native to the Pacific region.

National Flower of Tahiti:

Tahitian Gardenia is the national flower of Tahiti. It is also a floral emblem for the Cook Islands.

Tahitian Gardenia Information:

The plant is present in the Rubiaceae family. It is evergreen in nature so the leaves are present throughout the year. It is a shrub that grows in tropical regions and is up to 4m tall.

The leaves are dark green in color and have a glossy appearance. They are about 16cm long and are arranged oppositely on the stem. Flowers are creamy white in color and they are shaped like pinwheels.

There may be 5 to 9 lobes in each flower and the lobes are up to 4 cm long. The National flower is native to South Pacific highlands and it is one of the few flowers that are native to Polynesia.

Even though the flower is named Tahitian gardenia, it is not neutralized in Tahiti nor is it native to the region. The first scientific name given to the species was based on the specimens collected from Tahiti in 1825. This is why Tahitian was added to the name.

Tahitian Gardenia Facts and Uses:

  • People from Polynesia use this flower in necklaces because of its fragrance.
  • In some regions, the flower is an indication of whether you are available or not.
  • Anyone wearing the flower on the right ear is available and people wearing it on the left are taken or in a relationship.

Tahitian Gardenia Medicine Uses:

In some regions, the plant is used to treat inflammation.

Tahitian Gardenia Flower Art:

The flower is used in floral jewelry.

National Flower of Tahiti flower art
Tiare flower (Gardenia triteness)

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