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National Flower of South Korea | Hibiscus Flower of South Korea

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Biological Name

The biological name of this flower is Hibiscus. This is actually a genus in the family Malvaceae.


There are a lot of flowers in this genus so they are present in different bright colors such as pink and red.


The flowers of this plant are trumpet-shaped and they have four or five petals.


The flower is found in different regions of the body.

National Flower of South Korea

Hibiscus is the national flower of South Korea.

Hibiscus Information:

Hibiscus is a genus in which flowering plants are present. They belong to the mallow family. Since the genus is very large, it contains hundreds of species that are found in subtropical and temperate regions of the world. The flowers in this genus are all very showy and large.

In the common tongue, the flowers are also known as rose mallows. Some of the members in this genus are annuals while others are perennial in nature. While some of the species are woody shrubs, others are small trees.

Many of the flowers from this genus are grown for ornamental purposes.

Hibiscus Facts and Uses:

  • A special kind of tea is made from this flower. In some parts of the world, it is ingested cold while in others, it is served hot.
  • The tea is known for its taste and its red color.
  • It also has a high Vitamin C content.
  • The fruit of this plant is a globule with five compartments and each one of them contains seeds.
  • These come out when the plant dehisces.

Hibiscus Medicine Uses:

In Egyptian civilization, the plant was used for treating heart problems and nervous dysfunctions. It also has significance as a diuretic and increases the production of urine.

Hibiscus medicines

Hibiscus Flower Art:

Different species are specifically grown for ornamental purposes.

Hibiscus arts
Hibiscus arts

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