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National Flower of Scotland | Thistle Scottish Flower

Biological Name

The biological name of this flower is Cirsium arizonicum.


The petals of this flower are long and spiky.


The flower is purple in color.


Thistle belongs to the family Asteraceae and it is present in Scotland.

National Flower of Scotland

The thistle is the national flower of Scotland

Thistle Information

Thistle is actually a common name for a group of plants. These are flowering plants and their main feature is the presence of prickles on the margins of their leaves. The prickles are also present on the stem. This is a defense mechanism for the plant which prevents it from getting eaten by herbivores. The thistle is the national flower of Lorraine too.

Fritillary butterflies get their nectar from the thistle flowers and the colorful flowers also attract goldfinches. The flower is used in Scotland to name various football clubs and a high chivalric order is also named after the flower. A legend says that the flower was involved when the Norse army tried to invade Scotland.

The soldiers were hiding in bushes and one of the Norse army men accidentally stepped on the prickly flower and cried out in pain. This alerted the Scottish soldiers and the invasion was prevented.

National Flower of Scotland

Thistle Facts and Uses

  • Thistles have economic value too since some species are used to make cheese.
  • The seeds of some species also yield vegetable oil.
  • Thistles are normally weeds so they can affect the yield of the crop that is actually being grown.
  • However, the weeds are also used as bee fodder and are involved in the production of honey.

Thistle Medicinal Uses

The seeds of this flower contain Silibinin which is a pharmaceutical compound. This compound is involved in the treatment of liver issues.

Thistle Flower Art

The flower is not used for art purposes.


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