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National Flower of Peru | Cantua Flower of Peru

Biological Name:

The biological name of this flower is Cantua buxifolia.


The color of these flowers is pink.


The petals of these flowers are long and narrow. They are tubular in shape.


The flowers are native to Andes Mountains.

National Flower of Peru:

Cantua is the national flower of Peru. It is also given the name of the Peruvian Magic flower.

Cantua Information:

The plant is an evergreen shrub so it grows throughout the year. It grows up to 4 meters tall. Along with being the national flower of Peru, the flower is also the national flower of Bolivia. It is actually one of the two floral emblems of the country.

The species name of the plant is from Latin and it means “leaves like a box”. It refers to the shape of the leaves of this plant. When it is growing in temperate locations, the flower needs shelter to grow. It cannot grow in temperatures below -5 degrees. If you are growing it at home, the flower should be grown under glass. During the summer seasons, it must be kept outside. The plant has gotten the Award or Golden Merit from the Royal Horticultural Society.

National Flower of Peru

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Cantua Facts and Uses:

  1. There is a legend associated with this flower of King Illimani and King Illampu. They both waged a war on each other and ended up killing each other.
  2. During their death, they both told their sons to avenge their deaths. However, the sons forgave each other while they were dying.
  3. Now, the flowers bloom in red and yellow color, for both the sons. The green color in the flower stands for hope.

Cantua Medicine Uses:

There are no known medicinal uses of the flower.

Cantua Flower Art:

The flower is grown for its symbolic value and ornamental use.


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