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National Flower of Iran | Rose National Floral of Iran

Biological Name The biological name for this flower is Rosa.
Color Roses are found in different colors ranging from red and yellow to pink and even black.
Petals There are many petals in a rose plant forming whorl. In a dicot species, only five petals are present.
Origin Roses are native to many regions around the world including Oceania, Asia, Africa, and Europe.

National Flower of Iran

The national floral of Iran is Rose Flower.

National Flower of Iran

Rose Information

The name of this flower comes from Latin. Roses are popular around the world due to their beautiful colors and fragrance. Along with red and yellow roses, purple roses are also found and these colors attract the rose-admires. Rose plant is generally a wild plant and is a shrub in nature.

There are many naturally occurring species around the world, ranging up to 100 in number. Hybrid forms are also being produced around the world.

Garden roses are normally cultivars that the ganders choose themselves. The cultivation of this plant has led to different colors arising such as lilac plants. Roses are known for their prickles too as these are present on the petiole. These are used by the plant to defend itself from predators. Rose plant forms a fruit which we called hip. Some of these are quite decorative in nature.

Rose Facts and Uses

  • Roses are considered a symbol of love all around the world.
  • Rose is also used as a name for girls and is quite popular in Western countries.
  • Rosewater has cosmetic benefits and is used to refresh the face.

Rose Medicine Uses

Roses are used to make rose water which is used for many purposes. In the cosmetic industry, it is used for refreshing the skin and moisturizing it. Rose plant has been used in ancient remedies for skin brightening. The fruit of this flower is a rich source of Vitamin C.

Rose Flower Art

This National Flower is used for decor at weddings and gardens.

Rose Flower Art


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