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National Flower of England | Tudor Rose Flower of England

Biological Name

The biological name of this flower is Rosa.


The flowers are red in color. They can also be yellow, pink, or white.


The petals of Rose flowers form a whirl and they are scented.


The flower is native to different parts of the world including Africa and Asia.

National Flower of England

The floral symbol of England is the Tudor rose. It is named so after the Tudor house. It is also sometimes called the Union Flower because it was formed from the union of two houses, the House of Lancaster and the House of York.

National flower of england Tudor rose

Rose Information:

Rose is a woody plant that is perennial in nature. Naturally, there are more than a hundred species of this flower while there are thousands of cultivars. The cultivars are mostly hybrids that are grown for their flowers. In temperate climates, roses are grown in glasshouses. In hotter weather, people grow them undercover. This is the best way to keep the plant safe from the attack of pesticides or insects. Roses are used in a domestic settings as well as in commercial ones. It is the most popular ornamental flower around the world today.

Rose Facts and Uses:

  • Roses are used for making perfumes. The flowers have are fragrant which makes them a good choice for use in perfumeries.
  • Also, rose water from the flowers is used in different skin care and makeup products. It helps to keep your fresh and your skin radiant.
  • Roses are also used as gifts on special days like Mothers’ Day and Valentine’s Day.

Rose Medicinal Uses

The extract from the rose flower is used for treating digestive problems and rose water is used for skin problems.

Rose Flower Art

The flower is mainly used for decoration at weddings and is on display at festivals.

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