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National Flower of Austria | Edelweiss Flower of Austria

national flower of austria

Biological Name:

The biological name of this flower is Leontopodium alpinium.


Edelweiss petals

The petals of the flower are covered in whitish hair. They appear wool-like. There are five to six petals in every bloom and they form a double star-shaped bract. The plant flowers between the months of July and September.


The color of the petals is white.

Edelweiss colors


The plant originates from the Austrian and Bulgarian regions. It grows in the mountainous areas of Switzerland, Slovenia, and Austria.

National Flower of Austria:

Edelweiss is the national flower of Austria. It is also present on the uniform of the army as a badge.

Edelweiss Medicine Uses:

Edelweiss was famous as the ‘stomach ache’ flower in the German region. This is because it is effective in the treatment of dysentery and diarrhea.

Edelweiss medicines

Edelweiss Information:

The plant is adapted to the harsh alpine regions. It can withstand harsh conditions and the climate due to several adaptations. It absorbs ultraviolet rays from the Sun. This feature is due to the presence of a photon structure in the plant. The wooly texture of the petals is also an adaptation to survive in the harsh climate. It protects the plant from the cold climate of the mountainous region and the UV rays of the Sun.

Edelweiss Facts and Uses:

  • The meaning of its scientific name is ‘lion’s paw’.
  • The local name comes from the German language. Edel stands for noble in German whereas Weiss means white. This name was given due to the color of the petals that make the plant appear rather ‘noble’.
  • The flower has a very short lifespan. The plan remains dormant in winter.
  • Edelweiss cannot be grown in urban areas since it is sensitive to pollution.

Edelweiss Flower Art:

This flower cannot be used for art in urban areas since it is sensitive to pollution. It needs the fresh air from the mountains to thrive and grow.

Edelweiss docoration


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